Hillary is already kicking Drumpf’s ass

Votes matter, right? So who has the most so far in this primary season. Here’s the popular vote so far in the primaries and caucuses held to date:

Clinton 3,930,751

Drumpf 3,320,055

Cruz 2,710,180

Sanders 2,540,531

Rubio 2,105,198

Kasich 642,073

Hilary is leading Drumpf by 600,000 votes. On the Democratic side she leads Bernie by 1.4 million, and Democratic turnout is down this year because it’s not that much of a contest (61% to 39%).

Drumpf has only 34% of the Republican primary vote — but he says he’s bringing “millions” of people into the GOP. So why is he trailing Hillary by 600,000? It’s more Drumpf BS and media hype. Most of the 3.3 million votes he has are from people who either are registered Republican or have voted Republican for a long time, and who are pissed off at the the leadership of the party.

SVP/Director of Strategic Projects at Barkley, where I play the role of chief provocateur at America’s biggest, best employee-owned creative idea company.

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