So Republicans are worried that the debates are hurting the image of their party. Ya think? What happened to their “deep bench”? Well, that was a media invention, because none of these clowns could hit water if they fell out of a boat.

What’s happened to the Republican party is simple: it’s a victim of its own devices. The real party is a group of angry voters, overwhelmingly white, some working class but many solidly middle class or above, who have bought into the party BS for years and gotten little or nothing for themselves. They helped win a lot of elections going back to Nixon. They’ve been tools of an elite. Now their time is running out.

Along comes Drumpf — a racist, narcissistic goon — who tells these voters things they’re happy to hear. They hate the black man in the White House and Drumpf feeds into all their irrational fears.

And now the whole world is watching….and all the ugliness is on full display.

All power to the people.

SVP/Director of Strategic Projects at Barkley, where I play the role of chief provocateur at America’s biggest, best employee-owned creative idea company.

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